Amazon affiliate App using amazon affiliate API V5

Hi checkout my new Amazon affiliate search product using official Amazon API V5
Please Download and suggest functionality
Amazon_Get_Product_Details.apk (5.9 MB)
Checkout videos for demo views

Thank you, have a great time

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Please make tutorial on this and provide aia please :pleading_face::heart:

Its really very hard to understand amazon SDK and implement on AI2 Platforms so i am thinking this project must be go PAID if any one buy so they understand our time investment value not for source of earnings.

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Ok I will pay for my budget is 400 ruppe but can you make chat view using dynamics components

I’ll try to do my best.

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Ok :+1: when I got my chat app aia tell me and what is price of that

I am not making full chat app I’ll help when you stuck and part of dynamic list view

Let Me hint you in your chat arrange text like to find it’s you or opponent if msg send by opponent then create dynamic arrengement and show in left side. If it’s you then show right or according to your needs.

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But can you make this I will give 150rs for that

Try to do when you stuck tell me.

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Can not make that please

@kapil_patel It would be great if you created a guide for people to understand this process so this community can grow and mainly, you can be a good guide for people. I also value the time you spent in this project as I did mine just like yours mine was a multiplayer game. I am still working from about 8 months, and I am happy to give people an understanding on how my app works and what it uses to do that specific process.

Sai Neela

Do to our some of our user are don’t know about process like server key generation process that required in Amazon API to Authorize request and its too advance things if i post full guide 90% people are fail to do that even I am also confused some time that’s the main reason else Be open to all who need help and possible by me.

(Some peoples dreams like i go there and arrange blocks and that’s it ill earn so much money eats easy. they don’t even know what basic skill-set we need to Earn or Learn )