Admob not work 2024

when i’m using admob component than app not work. but without admob my app work properly please solve admob probelm


Show Admob Blocks First

After removing all the admob banners, my application is running normally (when I use admob my application cannot start), and this is my block


Where is your ADMOB CORE?

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oh sorry, this my mistake, add abmob core my app is runnung well
Thank you and have a nice day.

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Pls take a look, Admon interstitial don’t show ad


Use AD Error and Ad Show Error Blocks to Get about the error

How can use error ads

Have you any prove that admob ads running well?


Banner Ads

Inter Ads

Rewarded Ads

Every time you blame Builder while having issues in your own blocks

Exactly, if Admob ads work correctly, the question would be if you have proof of all the advertising platforms that they graciously provide us for free in each update they release. I monetize outside of the play store and I only stay with admob