Admob Mediation

Happy New Year, To all android builder staffs, thanks for your helps and thanks for the new update. Please I will like to know if it is possible to use mediation with the Admob component, if it is, please can someone show me how.

Yes, you can use Admob Mediation, but you have to decide first which mediation platform you want to use with Admob.

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I want to use , unity and applovin

Can anyone answer me please

It’s not available right now. May be added in future updates.

Currently, you can do Facebook-Admob Mediation

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Please can you guide me on the mediation.

Yes, sure how can I help you?

I will like to know how to connect the Facebook Mediation to my admob, and how to go about the coding.


You can search about a topic first too BEFORE always creating new threads

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