Admob consent form

Good day android builder team. Firstly I will like to thank you all for your hard work.

I heard a new update is in progress, and will be out soon, I will like to know how soon, and also asked that you include admob consent form to the new update, because my apps are facing some restrictions because of it. Thanks


Can someone help me on how to set the block of the Admob consent. I got message today that my ads are under restrictions in Europe, because the consent isn’t properly set. Please can someone show me how to set it.

My own is the the consent isn’t showing. Please can someone show how to set up the consent property. I have set the consent since last month, but it is showing zero consent In my admob dashboard, and admob says advertisers in Europe are not ready to advertise with. Because No CMP.

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Can anyone know how to set the consent form. Please, someone should help out. @Ajdeveloper @petfely @im_neodeveloper