Admob Alternative

Can any one tell me any ads network that can be good alternative to admob, I have used Unity and Applovin, but the two has very Low cpm. I don’t know if Mintegral is anyway better. Or it any other ads network better. Most of my app users are Indians.

How much u got?? And from where the users of ur application??

More than 1k active users daily. Most of my users are from India, but I also have user many users from USA, United Kingdom, South Korea. I was shocked when I saw $02 cpm for 20k impression from USA, and $03 for 14k impression from UK, India and USA was having same cpm which is $02. In Applovin

It’s too low I think the ad setup isn’t really good.
Dm the aia file here or knock me on tg @im_neodeveloper I will help u to increase your ecpm for sure.

I got 0.45$ to 0.80$ for indian users in applovin and for unity 0.59$ to 0.89$ .