Upload screen error

I uploaded a screen into the project but, cant open or see any blocks / designs in the screen. All ways gets report bug error on screen. And the screen name is something else also cant edit or see block or designs or remove the whole screen. Help me

Screenshot from 2023-07-18 13-13-15

click on cancel and proceed

Bro i know that but the problem is i cant see any block in that screen


Your aia from Android builder?

  1. If yes it will show blocks fine
  2. If yes but of the older version . It has a few issues that can be fixed
  3. If no and using another builder screen it will definitely show issues

Now tell me your Condition so I can help you further


Yes bro both of the app that i have exported screen and imported into, are in the android builder and on new version.

i just exported a screen from one of the app that i have already build. and imported that screen into my new app since i want the blocks. But after importing into new app the screen gets renamed itself and when i choose the screen it always give this report error and i cant do anything in that screen.