Some problem in ab companion

companion not install in my phone

Click on KEEP APP

and then it will be Installed

If still any issue left you can reply here

Do you have any solution of this virus, because some appstore reject application due to this virus.
It’s @Ricky720M

That’s due to malfunctioning of the antivirus… The app itself does not contain any kind of virus…

Also for the app rejection issue… AAB files are required which does not have any kind of viruses in themselves when built from AB

I think I’ve even discussed this, it’s already a problem on your side, even without placing a component the app comes up with that warning, I know it’s a false positive.

But not before it did not have it or happened, it must be some component that activates it, so it happens and it was some extension or inappropriate permission, but now whether or not you have components in the project and then you compile you will get that warning!

Thanks for reporting

That would have occurred may be due to outdated build SDK components maybe it will be fixed in the 2.0 update


Thank you for solving it in a short time!

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