My lottery system does not add new numbers to the text

I am creating a system in which, for each time a button is clicked, it will give you a number between 10,000 and 50,000, but the problem is that when you click on it again, it will give you another one on the same label and it rewrites what I need to add it to more than the previously exchanged number. I don’t know exactly how to do.


@Kromback You are Using always to Set Random Digit on text
Instead Use the Below Logic

In this Block Use

Set NumeracionText = get Numeracion Text + random Integer

It will Do your Work


Hello, I just tried what you have taught me and I get an error that it is not possible to use that function

@Kromback Use Only Numbers Like 0 in designer section of text

before Changing Value from Blocks

A + 0 = Error
0+1 = 1

How can I do that? I already have a number I must add another that is not text content transforming it to numeric but I can’t think of how to do it