Is There Any Solution For Making Designer View Larger

When I Designing The UI For App The Designer View Is Not Enough Please Give Me a Solution If You Know I Really Appreciate

What do you want extra? everything is there, even more, means you can easily set margin, padding, and material components too ( Which other builders don’t provide ) so try to explore on your own if something that you think you are unable to create then you can ask for help. Also, It has soo many components that you don’t even need to add external extensions

If working on PC
Then Just CTRL ++ to Your Required ZOOM

Bro I am Not Talking About Properties And Components I am Talking About Designer View

I Know Already How To Zoom But When We Using Vertical Scroll Arrangement Or Horizontal Scroll Arrangement For Ex :- We Added 10 Components In Vertical Scroll Arangement Then In Designer View Not Showing Scroll Bar Then If We Want To Add More Components Then Designer View Doesnt Have Enough Space

Try to set Scrollable true while testing or designing the application and then turn it off thus you will be able to add more component


For that Once Make Your Screen (Activity ) Make Scrollable to true

Before Testing and Building set it again Scrollable to False

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