Exo Player 1.05 extension Not working?

Exo 1.05 player By zainhusan , Not working , any one have a solution in Other builder Like Niotron , Kodular The extension Working But In android Builder The app Cannot Build after Exo Player Drag Dropped , It is My most important Part Of apk , my all Mpd Links were working Only In this Extension ,

Can you share your project with me so I can check the error and give you an alternative?

I Checked Exo 1.5 are not able to Build To Apk , If You Have any Alternative for play Mpd links
Movieshowaia.aia (7.7 MB)
Aia Size is Big but no errors , Build apk failed due to Exo 1.05
If any Alternative Give it To me so I complete my dream Project

So I found the error, and this error is coming from your side. You’re using two Exoplayer extensions, which contain the same library. That’s why this error is coming.

I’m Trying Thanks for solutions

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