App crashing issue when install on phone

app crashed everytime when install on phone and open it. kindly help to solve my issue. check my aia file.
Splash.aia (3.8 MB)

Can you also provide us screenshot of blocks. I don’t have time to see aia

In your project, I’m not able to find the Facebook core component, which is mandatory for Facebook ads.

I’m new here thats why i dont know how i reply on our discussion post. kindly guide me.

these all screenshoots of block. i just wanted to see my app how looks like and screens work well thats why i did not make all blocks

What I said to you @Saqib_i are you dumb or blind?

if i don’t using the Facebook ads then error still the same. I tried everything ( deleting pictures, deleting ads ) but the issue is same.

Look here you are using Facebook banner, but I don’t see any Fb core components. Please drag this component as @Ajdeveloper said to you


Please drag FB Core Components in your project,then your issue solved.