App Build Error please solve

please help apk build error @im_neodeveloper @Ajdeveloper @Devendra

Show us the blocks
or aia
He works for me
لقطة الشاشة 2023-08-28 171039

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here isl, my aia file
please solve my error
Wallpaperr.aia (7.2 MB)


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Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!
Busy servers
But you have many errors in the file
Try this site
to check a file aia

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Thanks my brother, but as soon as the server is correct, you must check it :innocent:

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brother i really appreciate your support :innocent:

thanks by my heart :heart:

i can see many error in my project but i don’t know, how to fix it

can you please give me your any contact profile

You can reach me on PM

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